I love fetishes! 

Play time is always enjoyable to me. I love so many things and I'm always willing to try something new!

I have no taboo, I'm kinky and love to play but always really classy, I love when people don't hesitate and are sharing their dirtiest fantasy with me whatever it is! Of course I have some limits and some stuff that I'm not willing to do or that I don't want to try at all.

There's so many different kinds and categories of fetish It's easy to get lost in between all those names and definitions! The most popular fetishes are feet and shoes.

You may not know that even the most common practice is actually fetish by definition for what I understand, a fetish is a persistent powerful and intense sexual interest other than the real action of fucking! So if it don't involve a penis in a vagina it's a fetish.

I do have many myself like Clothing, Shoes and many others. I've tried so many things so I'm going to have many sex stories and videos for you on the site. Let's keep the mystery for now though !

Fetish stories are in the members section and Videos are in the VIP zone.

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