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There's help and support and that's all you need to know or care about if you are not a performer.

Play time is always enjoyable to me. I love so many things and I'm always willing to try something new!

I have no taboo, I'm kinky and love to play but always really classy, I love when people don't hesitate and are sharing their dirtiest fantasy with me whatever it is! Of course I have some limits and some stuff that I'm not willing to do or that I don't want to try at all.

There's so many different kinds and categories of fetish It's easy to get lost in between all those names and definitions! The most popular fetishes are feet and shoes.

You may not know that even the most common practice is actually fetish by definition for what I understand, a fetish is a persistent powerful and intense sexual interest other than the real action of fucking! So if it don't involve a penis in a vagina it's a fetish.

I do have many myself like Clothing, Shoes and many others. I've tried so many things so I'm going to have many sex stories and videos for you on the site. Let's keep the mystery for now though !

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How many times do people asked me if size matters! Well the average penis length is 3.5 inches and in erection 5 inches. There's 21% of woman that prefer a long joy stick and 32% like it big!

Funny fact is that 1% of women consider that size is really important and I think 99% are liars because it depends on so many factors. Vaginas are so different and no one has the exact same preference. There's a perfect pleasure wiener for each of us and the perfect size is going to be different for everyone.

Now! What do I like? Do I consider that size is important ? If I'm sitting on your face no shit I don't fucking care about the size of your penis, but if you have to put it in me size then shape matters!

Take note that even if you have the Holy Grail of my desire in your pants you still need to know how to use it in order to give me the divine orgasm and acquire your place among the gods!

Although it is possible that I cum by clitoral stimulation, most of the time I need to feel something in me to finally get off! A penis anywhere between 5 inches and 9 inches in length and a medium/large circumference sounds like a good 'fucking' time.

Bigger means that its going to be a long play time in order to stick this in my tight pick area and you can forget my asshole! The longest dick I've had in me was 12 inches and I'm always ready to try new experiences you know, but I was quite disappointed off that half hard cock, that's another story.

Smaller means that I will probably use a lot of your face and finger if there's no toys around. Don't be sad because the good thing is that you get a free pass for Anal upon request. A smaller penis doesn't mean no fun it's just a different type of fun! The smallest dick I had was the size of my pinky and I need to admit that I did not get satisfaction and I was feeling really bad for this poor guy.

If you want me to review your penis you can send it to me in the VIP zone!

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Ok! I might be kind of a slut but not only because I like it, I just want to stay healthy! It's not a secret to anyone that I love sex! I'm pretty active in this particular sport. It allows me to get intimate and I have better relationships, but it also allows hormones to give me a range of health benefits!

The first thing people are telling me when they learn about my age is that I don't look that old! This is because I'm getting laid at least three times a week! This is making me look 10 years younger than those who only get to fuck twice a week.

The key to this is orgasms that release a whole bunch of happiness, hormones that are making me happy and reduce the risk of depression. Remember guys a smiling woman is a satisfied woman! So if your girl a total Bitch to you lately she don't need a break she need an amazing ride to heaven.

I get fuck quite often to keep a strong immune system, I need to stay active, plus it reduces the risk of getting breast cancer and loose much loved amazing tits . When I'm sick all the time it's because I don't have enough sex.

Having sex on a regular basis regulates my weight, burning about 5 calories per minute. Depending on how long my partner can last it's generally between 50 to 150 cal. each damn time! Hell yeah, sexual satisfaction equals higher levels of fitness therefore it's way better than spending my time at the gym !

I could mention so many other benefits like the fact that it boosts my sense of smell making me even more sensitive or nothing will allow me to sleep as well as after a good orgasmic bang but I do think it was enough for you to understand that finally I'm not a slut I'm taking care of myself.

For my defence, to sort of say, that's why I like it so much! Thanks to all of you who are making me a healthier person!

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